- The Spotnicks Biography -

The years 1957 - 2020
Summary of major events year by year
(with some reservation for incorrect source data)



1957 - 1959


The Frazers was formed in 1958 in Gothenburg by Bo Winberg together with Bo Starander, Björn Thelin and Ove Johansson.

Bo Winberg lead guitar
Bo Starander rhythm guitar and vocals
Björn Thelin bass
Ove Johansson drums


Before that, already in 1957, they worked together in the rock band Rock-Teddy & The Blue Caps.
grp57.jpg (26559 bytes)

Bo Winberg
Claes-Göran Nestor
Björn "Rock-Teddy" Thelin
Bo Wahlberg

Bo Starander


Bo Starander and Björn Thelin had also formed a duo called The Rebels.

Bo Starander  guitar and vocals
Björn Thelin guitar and vocals


The Frazers played mostly in clubs, youth centers and smaller events in the Gothenburg area.

Rehearsals took place in the later so famous plastic factory in Gothenburg. 



The Frazers makes their first recordings in the plastic factory.
Home On The Range, My Old Kentucky Home, Ghostriders In The Sky and The Old Spinning Wheel are recorded on a Tandberg tape recorder.
Later even Ol' Man River and Swing Low Sweet Chariot.

Bo Winberg lead guitar
Bo Starander rhythm guitar and vocals
Björn Thelin bass
Ove Johansson drums



The group is contracted by the record company Karussell with Stickan Andersson as manager (he became later the manager for ABBA).
When Karussell in March 1961 publish their first single has the name of the group changed to The Spotnicks and Bo Starander got his artist alias Bob Lander.

It continues with recordings at the plastic factory of songs as Orange Blossom Special, The Spotnicks Theme (working title Cheyenne), Galloping Guitars, The Rocket Man (working title Gagarin Boogie), Endless Walk, Old Clock At Home, High Flying Scotsman, Thundernest, Johnny Guitar and Moonshot.

Bo Winberg lead guitar
Bob Lander rhythm guitar and vocals
Björn Thelin bass
Ove Johansson drums


This year, the first records with The Spotnicks came out on the market.






Bo Winberg records, together with Peter Winsnes, Kontiki , Theme From Leningrad Ajomies (Karelia) and Two Guitars for Finnish record company Philips who publish them on singles the group name The Feenades.
Peter plays the drums, Bo all the other instruments.


s340568a.jpg (4561 bytes)

s340627b.jpg (2925 bytes)






This year, I heard The Spotnicks for the first time. It was on Radio Luxembourg. The performance and the sound was something completely new to me. The song was Moonshot but I didn’t know then it was a Swedish band performing it.
It dawned on me later. From this moment, I'm "stuck" and I still think Moonshot is a highlight. Roland Ferneborg tackles the group after an appearance in the spring in Stockholm. He arranges for The Spotnicks perform a longer session at Casa Leon in Berlin.





On the cover of an EP, the group wearing space suits that have been borrowed from a varity show as The Spotnicks would appear in the TV program "New Faces."
When the group later implements an extended tour in England "forced" them to that gimmic, wearing space suits and this prank they had to live with for many years. Even today demanded why The Spotnicks not wearing space suits during their performances.
The Spotnicks made performances also in France and Spain.

The group recording more new songs like Hava Nagila, Midnight Special, My Bonny, Hey Good Looking and What Did I Say and multiple vinyl records are issued.

In September 9 The Spotnicks recorded their first LP; The Spotnicks In London, Out -a-space.
The entire LP was recorded in 17 hours! Single editions from this LP reaches pretty high on the English charts.






During the year Just Listen To My Heart, Pony Express, Trambone and Western Guitar was recorded in a French studio.
From this session are also alternative recordings of Midnight Special, Hey Good Looking, Hava Nagila and The Old Spinning Wheel. These version become not available on the market until they were added as bonus tracks when SweDisc re-issuing their albums on CD in 1989.

A single with the songs Telstar and Carry Me Back is released as The Shy Ones, a name Bo Winberg uses the pseudonym when he alone does the trick recordings.






Back home in Sweden they started a tour at “Folkets Parks” and other dance venues.
In Karlsborg (the village where I grew up), I had the opportunity to see The Spotnicks live for the first time, an unforgettable night for me.
It will turn out that they return to Karlsborg many times during his career.




Several long foreign tours were conducted this year, among others in Spain, England and France.

The Spotnicks ranks high on the charts in France, England and the USA.
Amapola is in Swedish Ten top for 8 weeks, followed later by Just Lsten To My Heart and the Spanish Gypsy Dance .

The single with Hava Nagila reaches a meritorious high bar placement in England and also LP placed high New Musical Express LP list.

The Spotnicks are involved in the music movie Just For Fun, and appears in several television and radio shows.


The Spotnicks are also on the show Musicorama from the world-famous scene Olympia in Paris.

During rehearsals for this show turn the transmitter on Bo Winberg wireless guitar through the Paris police's own radio frequency, creating a stir. The event was enlarged and was struck up with the headlines.

In France, they recorded the rest of the songs for their second LP The Spotnicks In Paris plus Buttons And Bows and a new version of Johnny Guitar.






They also published an LP Denevez Soliste Des Spotnicks and a single Devenez Chanteur Des Spotnicks in France where it had solo guitar or vocals excluded to let fans play and sing along with The Spotnicks.
On these discs are different versions of the Galloping Guitars, The Spotnicks Theme and Blue, Blue Day.






Tons of records with The Spotnicks starts this year to spread around the world.

sep7078.JPG (4098 bytes)

wg_3s.jpg (5593 bytes)

8649s.jpg (5474 bytes)



Orange Blossom Special reaches the # 1 spot on the hit list in Australia:
The Spotnicks switch from Karussell to SweDisc.

In the summer of this year Ove Johansson is replaced of Englishman Derek Skinner on drums.

















Bo Winberg lead guitar
Bob Lander rhythm guitar and vocals
Björn Thelin bass
drums Derek Skinner

The first recording with Derek Skinner is Dave Brubeck’s 5/4-beat Take Five.
Then follow Git It, Spanish Gypsy Dance, Deep In The Heart Of Texas, She, She Little Sheila, Be Bop A Lula and Habanera.

sswep114.jpg (5701 bytes)

sswep115.jpg (4291 bytes)

sksep3308x.jpg (5936 bytes)



New trick recordings by Bo Winberg are issued on an EP as The Shy Ones with songs La Route, Bye Bye Birdie, Swedish Polka Pig and Susanna.

sswep113.jpg (3135 bytes)





The Spotnicks are recording their third LP The Spotnicks In Spain, wich is released in several countries, plus the songs Lovesick Blues, Space Creatures, Merry Elephant, Pense A Moi and Doctor Feelgood.

sswelp1.jpg (2854 bytes)







Back home again after a long tour in France they make plans for a tour in the U.S. in the spring and during the summer.
Unfortunately, this project is not carried out to poor preparations, delayed launch and problems with work permits.

The Spotnicks recording their fourth LP The Spotnicks In Stockholm as with somewhat different contents, except for Sweden, published in, among others Germany and Japan.

Some argue that it is Bruce Baxter who plays solo guitar at Cape Kennedy on this LP. Bruce is in all cases a substitute for Bo Winberg at some gigs.

sswelp20.jpg (4448 bytes)





Later that year played songs for the fifth LP in Europe Films studio in Stockholm; The Spotnicks In Berlin.
Bo Winberg is for some reason not satisfied with the result and makes the mixes himself for the Swedish edition of this album which is reproduced in mono.

The German version, however, published in 1965, contains some of the original recordings in stereo, plus I Got A Baby and Nahmenlos mixed with previously recorded material.
I Got A Baby and Nahmenlos are in Sweden published on a Six-P along with the songs Big Boss Man, Great Balls Of Fire, Memphis and Shine.

sswelp22.jpg (3457 bytes)

s_184008a.jpg (5711 bytes)

ssixp6002.JPG (5007 bytes)



In the Swedish folk parks implement the numerous stage shows and Papa Ooh Mow Mow lands on the Swedish hit list.
Peter Winsnes takes part in The Spotnicks on some of these concerts.
On September 9 The Spotnicks performs in a TV program called Drop-In.

England, Finland and Greece will this year be visited by The Spotnicks.



In May this year Peter Winsnes becomes a regular member of The Spotnicks which again sets out on tour in Sweden.

Bo Winberg lead guitar
Bob Lander rhythm guitar and vocals
Peter Winsnes keyboard and vocals
Björn Thelin bass
Derek Skinner drums

The group's sixth LP The Spotnicks At Home In Gothenburg is recorded.
This album is published under the name Spotlight On The Spotnicks in other countries such as Germany and Japan and others and contains then also Alabamy Bound and I've Lost You which in Sweden are published on a separate single.

sswelp33x.jpg (4461 bytes)

s623004x.jpg (4253 bytes)

sswes1106b.JPG (4959 bytes)



In Bo Winberg's home in Gothenburg The Spotnicks and The Shadows meets for a long time talked jam session.


A single with the name Bo Winberg x 4 + 2 is published by Watermelon Man and Sequence 007.

sswes1082.JPG (5153 bytes)




Derek Skinner ends up as drummer and is replaced by the Englishman Jimmy Nicol who among other things is known to have replaced Ringo Starr in the Beatles during a tour of Australia in spring 1964.

Jimmy had also played drums behind Cliff Richard, Gene Vincent, Georgie Fame among others.

Bo Winberg lead guitar
Bob Lander rhythm guitar and vocals
Peter Winsnes keyboard and vocals
Björn Thelin bass
Jimmy Nicol drums

The day after their arrival in Sweden, on October 7, plays Jimmy with The Spotnicks in Oslo and a bit later, the Sweden premiere in Kungälv where attendance record lock .
The Spotnicks quickly publish a single The Spotnicks Introducing Jimmy Nicol with the two songs Husky and Drum Diddley.

Meanwhile Karelia begins to climb the charts in Japan.

sswes1111.jpg (4209 bytes)

slpm1292s.jpg (4184 bytes)




In November The Spotnicks starts a world tour that will run until March 1966. They visit USA, Mexico and Japan among others.
Shortly before the departure they make an acclaimed performance in Gothenburg Concert Hall.
The group celebrates Christmas and New Year in Mexico.



Karelia with The Spotnicks reached in January the highest position on Japan's charts in competition with among others The Feenades recording Ajomies, ie the same song and basically the same orchestra ...!

On the way home from Japan they make stops in Hong Kong, Bangkok, Beirut and Rome for TV and radio appearances and gigs.

Back home in Sweden again it will be as usual with several gigs around the country.
First venue is in Karlsborg on March 19 and I'm in place this evening when The Spotnicks are both responsible for dance music and stage show.


Almost at the same time are the LP’s The Spotnicks In Tokyo and The Spotnicks Around The World produced.

In Germany is an LP The Spotnicks Around Tthe World released by Polydor which contains a mix of those two albums.

sswelp38.jpg (4751 bytes)

sswelpc42.jpg (5037 bytes)

sp623018.jpg (4472 bytes)



During this year also the songs Manxman Island and Augustine are recorded as a new version of Karelia.
Augustine is first published on a roller tape and not until 1986 published on a vinyl record from Triola. In 1992 it is included on a compilation CD from King Records.
Jimmy Nicol launched on a single under the name James George with the songs Stagger Lee and C’mon Everybody. It is of course no secession. The songs are later included on various compilation albums in the name of The Spotnicks.


In autumn implements The Spotnicks a short tour in Germany.
Just in time for Christmas is next LP released in Sweden, Japan and Mexico; The Spotnicks In Winterland.

sswelpc48.jpg (4396 bytes)

sswes1160.jpg (3550 bytes)




In December The Spotnicks once again are out on a world tour, visiting Mexico and Japan among other countries.

Now is Karlsborg honored at November 26 where they make their last concert in Sweden before leaving. Also this evening, it is both dance music and a stage show.



Jimmy Nicol leaves The Spotnicks in February, in the midst of the recording works for the album The Spotnicks In Acapulco.
As a quick called replacement becomes Tommy Tausis which many (not least myself) consider to be the best drummer of all time in The Spotnicks!

Bo Winberg lead guitar
Bob Lander rhythm guitar and vocals
Peter Winsnes keyboard and vocals
Björn Thelin bass
Tommy Tausis drums

They made their first live album The Spotnicks Live In Japan which is recorded during the tour that took place the year before.

The Swedish version of the album is slightly different than the Japanese one.

sswelpc60.jpg (4575 bytes)

sswlpc53.jpg (5235 bytes)

slpm1313s.jpg (3761 bytes)



The Spotnicks played along with Frank Zappa & Mothers of Invention at Liseberg in Gothenburg.
During the summer they participates also in the Swedish movie Drra på ... en kul grej på väg till Göteborg together with many other popular groups and artists at that time - a so called turkey film that has become a cult ...
The performed What A Fool I Was among others in the movie. The song was at that time only published on a compilation LP called Popligan.

spopligan.jpg (2432 bytes)





Magnus Hellsberg replaces Björn Thelin as bassist in the group.


Bo Winberg lead guitar
Bob Lander rhythm guitar and vocals
Peter Winsnes keyboard and vocals
Magnus Hellsberg base
Tommy Tausis drums

This year they record an album with only original material, totally different from what they had previously produced; The Spotnicks In The Groove.
Many diehard fans consider this to be the group's worst LP. Personally, I think there are many good songs on this odd and understated album, I’m Gonna Make You Love Me, You Don’t Have To Be Pretty and Enchanted Elusive for example.

sswelpc63.jpg (3902 bytes)





Another tour is being conducted in Sweden.

On October 7 they are visiting one Karlsborg again.

In December it is time for departure to Japan and Thailand among other countries.



During the group's many performances in Sweden this year, Bo Winberg trying to record a good live recording but he decides later to record an LP The Spotnicks By Request in the studio instead, with live character.
The album includes songs which the group had made popular during its stage performances.

sswelpc67.jpg (3420 bytes)





Recent visits to Karlsborg are made on October 26 and November 30 this year.

This year are Tapiola, Jupiter Special, High Noon, Romance D'Amour and Everybody's Talking At Me recorded.



Also this year the The Spotnicks make several gigs in Sweden.

Their appearances in Karlsborg occur this year on January 11 and February 8.


Göran "Sam" Samuelson who has contributed to The Spotnicks By Request and The Spotnicks In The Groove takes this year over the keyboard after Peter Winsnes leaving the group.
Bo Winberg lead guitar
Bob Lander rhythm guitar and vocals
Göran "Sam" Samuelson keyboard and vocals
Magnus Hellsberg bass
Tommy Tausis drums


The Spotnicks records Diamonds, Lumpy Gravy, Gentle On My Mind and I'm Gonna Knock On Your Door which are released on two singles and they begin the work for a new LP.
A Swedish version of Gentle on my mind is "put on ice" and will not come out on the market until 1994.





The group publishes its fifteenth album, The Spotnicks Back In The Race, a very live LP, not made ​​with as much perfection as before, but still very good!

sback.jpg (5242 bytes)





It has for some time been in the air that the members of The Spotnicks are getting tired of each other and on the tour life and want to pursue other things, and sure enough, after giving out a few more singles it is announced in the autumn that the group will break up.
On one of singles, the B-side of Balladen Om Ephraim Killer, the song Käre Lars i Afrika is considered as an inside joke.

sp2053004.jpg (4404 bytes)






On request from Japan Bo Winberg was back in the studio together with some new musicians to record some Japanese compositions which are published on the album Ame No Ballad plus a single with Rosaria In Blue and Winter Story.






A single with the disc label MBC Music with two songs Go Go Frölunda and Iskrigarnas Inmarsch/Western Blue Star is sold as a souvenir to the supporters of the hockey team Västra Frölunda in Gothenburg.







Bo Winberg's fingers “have an itch” again and he records the LP Something Like Country.
Besides Bo and Magnus Hellsberg on bass he has involved Juri Wijk, Lennart Hermansson, Bernt Andersson, Claes " Frosti "Pettersson, Calle Åhrman , His Jenbratt , Leif Nyström and Janne "Lukas" Persson for this album, considered by many to be one of the better ones as The Spotnicks have made.

Bo Winberg lead guitar
Magnus Hellsberg base
Juri Wijk solo / rhythm guitar and vocals
, Lennart Hermansson rhythm guitar
Bernt Andersson keyboards, accordion and harmonica
Claes " Frosti "Pettersson drums






Some of these musicians also record additional 13 pieces specially commissioned Japanese compositions.
Bo Winberg becomes part of the orchestra in the Swedish set in Gothenburg of the musical Jesus Christ Superstar where Peter Winsnes plays the role of Jesus, and there is also a man named Peter Wiberg included in the ensemble.
During the Summer Olympics in Munich is If You Could Read My Mind as the theme song to a daily, German TV magazine about the Olympics. The song become immensely popular in Germany and is probably The Spotnicks biggest hit in Europe of all times.


12 of the Japanese songs recorded 1971-72 are published an LP The Spotnicks in Japan.






The Spotnicks are awarded the Bronze Lion by RTL for If You Could Read My Mind.

Together with Peter Wiberg and Bo Maniette, Matz Nilsson and Johann Dielemans Bo Winberg to Dortmund to perform the song on March 3 in Westfalenhalle in Dortmund and to receive the honour.

Bo Winberg sologitarr
Bo Maniette kompgitarr
Peter Wiberg keyboard
Matz Nilsson bass
Johann Dielemans trummor

The group above then made ​​a few recordings as first issued as singles and then supplemented by a new LP Bo Winberg And The Spotnicks Today.
This album also involved Lennart Hermansson and Anders Kjellberg.






Late this year Bo Winberg puts a new group together to perform a concert in Berlin.

Bo Winberg lead guitar
Håkan Mjörnheim solo and rhythm guitar
Mats Björklund solo and rhythm guitar
Peter Wiberg keyboard
Matz Nilsson bass
drums Anders Kjellberg

The group recorded Wichita Lineman and Theme From For A few Dollars More.



The above songs are released on a single in Germany.






Tommy Tausis reinstated in January as a drummer when the next tour starts in Germany.

Bo Winberg lead guitar
Håkan Mjörnheim solo and rhythm guitar
Mats Björklund solo and rhythm guitar, vocals
Peter Wiberg keyboard
Matz Nilsson base
Tommy Tausis drums

During the tour (in February) the bassist Mats Nilsson is leaving group and is replaced by Leif Paulsén.

Bo Winberg lead guitar
Håkan Mjörnheim solo and rhythm guitar
Mats Björklund solo and rhythm guitar, vocals
Peter Wiberg keyboard
Leif Paulsen bass
Tommy Tausis drums

At the disco Badewanne in Berlin, on March 6 and 7, the songs for The Spotnicks second (!) live album are recorded; The Spotnicks Live In Berlin '74.

13 other songs or alternate versions of this recording are later issued in 1988 on an LP of the same name by the Star-Club Records.
The group is making another tour in Germany later in the spring.

During the summer The Spotnicks are touring in Swedish folk parks and they also record the single with Maple Leaf Rag and Daydream.






The guitarist Håkan Mjörnheim is in August replaced by Torgny " Todde " Stoor who in 1963 was substitute for Bo Winberg at some gigs in Sweden.

In the autumn The Spotnicks makes another tour in Germany.
Bo Winberg lead guitar
Todde Stoor solo and rhythm guitar, vocals
Mats Björklund solo and rhythm guitar
Peter Wiberg keyboard
Leif Paulsen bass
Tommy Tausis drums


Early this year The Spotnicks once again goes to Japan for a month long tour with several TV appearances followed by a bunch of concerts in Germany and then a tour in Sweden.
In May, they released a new single with Love Said Goodbye and The Taste Of Your Love and begin the work on a new album.






In the autumn once again a tour to Germany and in November they go into the Olympic Studios in Munich to finish the work of the new LP.



In February is the LP Feelings released, which in my opinion is one of The Spotnicks better albums.





During March / April takes another tour in Germany and now the group is reduced to four men.

Bo Winberg lead guitar
Todde Stoor solo and rhythm guitar, vocals
Leif Paulsen bass
Tommy Tausis drums

Back home again Bo Winberg splits up the group.
During the Olympic Games, this year in Canada, Germany is once again using If You Could Read My Mind as the theme song to their Olympic magazine on television.
Again launched this track hard and in Germany gives in August a compilation LP with just the name of If You Could Read My Mind followed by two additional compilation albums.






During the autumn Bo Winberg, Bob Lander, Björn Thelin and Tommy Tausis meets to discuss a new collaboration.
They begin by recording a new album and perform later one of those countless tours in Germany.

Bo Winberg lead guitar
Bob Lander rhythm guitar, vocals
Björn Thelin bass
Tommy Tausis drums



The Spotnicks complete recording work on the new LP in January and then split up the group again.

Bob Lander processes the recorded material in his studio, mix and adds in a way which Bo Winberg doesn’t like. The publication, which will be released by Marianne Records, is delayed.

In Germany they show no interest in the latest tracks but instead re-issuing The Spotnicks In Spain and in France earlier recordings are also released.


Bo Winberg and Björn Thelin, along with drummer Peter Milefors, makes in June recordings of old hits that later this year is published on the LP Charttoppers Recorded 1977.
Bo Winberg lead guitar
Björn Thelin bass
Peter Milefors

This LP is published also in England where the name is The Very Best Of The Spotnicks.
It becomes the first album by The Spotnicks published there in 12 years!

From Polydor in Germany there are a series of compilations from various groups, among others, a double-LP called The Story Of The Spotnicks.
Later in the year is the LP The Spotnicks In Winterland available in Germany where it not has been on the market before.





In August, it's time for the next visit to Germany and alongside Bo Winberg and Björn Thelin is now Gunnar Winald and Anders Erixon.


Bo Winberg lead guitar
Gunnar Winald rhythm guitar, vocals
Björn Thelin bass
Anders Erixon drums



In January release Marianne Records finally the LP The Great Snowman, ie the songs that were recorded during the winter of 1976/77.





In May it is time again for a
tour in Germany, this time with Tommy Tausis back behind the drum kit.


Bo Winberg lead guitar
Gunnar Winald rhythm guitar, vocals
Björn Thelin bass
Tommy Tausis drums

Bo Winberg went to France and record Never Trust Robots with specially written material on the space theme along with French studio musicians.





Bo Winberg lead guitar
Jean-Louis Bucchi, synthesizer

Jean Claude Charvier, rhythm guiitar
”Jo”, drums

In October the "original members" are reunited to record the LP Saturday Night Music.
Bo Winberg lead guitar
Bob Lander vocals and rhythm guitar
Björn Thelin bass
Tommy Tausis drums


And in November the album Pink Lady Super Hits is recoded by new staffing of the orchestra.
Bo Winberg lead guitar
George "Sam" Samuelson keyboard
Kenth Andersson bass
Stefan Möller drums



This year the albums Saturday Night Music and Pink Lady Superhits are published in Sweden respectively in Japan.
In Germany is an LP named Indigo out on the market with the two songs Bonanza and Indigo which were recorded in 1978.







In autumn Bob Lander returns to The Spotnicks which are involved in several German TV shows.


Bo Winberg lead guitar
Bob Lander vocals and rhythm guitar
Ove Lindell vocals and solo / rhythm guitar
Kenth Andersson bass
Lasse Öhberg drums




During spring The Spotnicks again are back in Germany and on German TV.

Bo Winberg lead guitar
Ove Lindell vocals and rhythm guitar
Kenth Andersson bass
Lasse Öhberg drums

The next time it is time for Germany is Arne Österlindh connected to The Spotnicks for the first time and he is also involved in the recording of the LP The Spotnicks 20th Anniversary which is issued later this year.

Bo Winberg lead guitar
Bob Lander vocals and rhythm guitar
Ove Lindell vocals and solo / rhythm guitar
Arne Österlindh pedal steel guitar
Kenth Andersson bass
Lasse Öhberg drums


They also record songs as Ghostriders In The Sky, Gyros Pitta and Guitars On 45 but they are not on the market until next year.
On a German compilation LP called Happy Guitar are the songs Bilitis, El Lute and Maybe, recorded the 1979, included.








From this year comes the songs Noise From The Attic, Heartstrings ( ver 2), C'est La Vie, Johnny Blue and Just Another Boy. The latter is used in an advertising campaign for the Swedish Post Office.
Bo Winberg lead guitar
Bob Lander vocals and rhythm guitar
John Kincade vocals
Arne Österlindh pedal steel guitar
Peter Wiberg keyboard
Kenth Andersson bass
Lasse Öhberg drums
Stefan Möller drums

In the autumn The Spotnicks returns to Germany again for a number of gigs.

Bo Winberg lead guitar
Bob Lander vocals and rhythm guitar
Ove Lindell vocals and solo / rhythm guitar
Arne Österlindh pedal steel guitar
Kenth Andersson bass
Lasse Öhberg drums


Bob Lander and Peter Wiberg, who now works with music production, got an order of covers with "Trucker songs."
Together with Juri Wiik, Magnus Hellsberg, Arne Österlindh and Benkt Andersson they recorded a number of songs and this is the start of the group The Viking Truckers.







During the summer The Spotnicks record a number of songs which, along with recordings from 1980 and 1981, forming the LP We Don’t Wanna Play Amapola No More.
Additionally two songs for the Japanese market; Lonesome City Sadness and The Silky Way.





On the first Germany tour this year, which took place in May, the group has a new, but temporary, composition.


Bo Winberg lead guitar
Lars "Lim" Moberg solo / rhythm guitar
Stefan Ericsson vocals and bass
Arne Österlindh pedal steel guitar
Lasse Öhberg drums


In August, The Spotnicks goes to Japan on a tour, along with The Ventures . The idea was that also The Shadows should be involved, but it could not be arranged.
Bo Winberg lead guitar
Bob Lander vocals and rhythm guitar
Ove Lindell vocals and solo / rhythm guitar
Arne Österlindh pedal steel guitar
Kenth Andersson bass
Lasse Öhberg drums

The Viking Truckers made their first recording, I Eat Concrete / Ich Fress Beton for the German market and on this single is also Bo Winberg participates





In the autumn Bo Winberg shapes a new composition by
The Spotnicks which will get a lot of attention and success. Almost immediately they went to Germany.

Bo Winberg lead guitar
Juri Wiik vocals and solo / rhythm guitar
Arne Österlingh pedal steel guitar
Kenth Andersson bass
Benkt Andersson drums



The new Spotnicks begin in the spring a sensational tour through Sweden which in september and October continues in Germany and Belgium with 22 concerts (!) and lots of TV appearances.
Norway is also cut down on the fly.

In December is the release of the LP In The Middle Of Universe which was recorded during the year with the new setting were also Peter Wiberg is involved.

Bo Winberg lead guitar
Juri Wiik vocals and solo / rhythm guitar
Arne Österlingh pedal steel guitar
Peter Wiberg keyboard
Kenth Andersson base
Benkt Andersson drums

Previously there were two songs released on a numbered, limited and special edition for The Spotnicks Swedish fanclub: Don’t Stop and Time Is Tight, which are also found on the album, but in a slightly different versions.






On December 22 a long program about The Spotnicks is broadcasted by Swedish television which among others includes a studio concert live from the TV building in Gothenburg.
Bo Winberg lead guitar
Juri Wiik vocals and solo / rhythm guitar
Arne Österlingh pedal steel guitar
Peter Wiberg keyboard
Kenth Andersson bass
Benkt Andersson drums


Bo Winberg receives a “Golden tie" on Swedish television for his merits as a musician and ambassador for Sweden and Gothenburg.

Because of the success the old albums The Spotnicks In London and The Spotnicks In Paris are reissued on SweDisc.
The Viking Truckers publish the LPn Love On The Road and participates also in a country Gala in Gothenburg.
The Viking Truckers







The Spotnicks new LP is published in many European countries, among others a picture-LP in Germany, a sought-after collectibles.
In Sweden is the cover changed at the second edition because Arne Österlindh was missing at the first envelope.






During the whole year The Spotnicks are on tour in Sweden, Germany, Belgium, Denmark and other places.
In March they performed in Jönköping, in May a well-attended fanclub meeting took place in Södertälje during a gig there.
In April the group performed live directly at a lunchtime concert on Swedish radio and on June 29 they came to Karlsborg.
Unfortunately this successful composition of The Spotnicks split up already in November due to disagreements and cooperation problems.

Bo Winberg, together with Bob Lander, Björn Thelin, Arne Österlindh, Lasse Öhberg and Ove Lindell, record the LP Highway Boogie.
Bo Winberg lead guitar
Bob Lander vocals and rhythm guitar
Ove Lindell solo / rhythm guitar
Arne Österlindh pedal steel guitar
Björn Thelin bass
Lasse Öhberg drums


Björn and Bob are both taking parts on Let It Roll, Roll, Roll and Truck Drivers Dream, Bob also on Could It Be Love.
Ove is involved only on Highway Boogie.
Bo’s mother-in-law Berit, known as Dolly, plays accordion on the catchy song Dolly H (H as in her surname Håkansson).



Highway Boogie is issued and on this can be found, in addition to the newly recorded material, Just Another Boy from 1981.






The Spotnicks performed on June 15 at a live TV program “Aveny'n right up and down” from Gothenburg and then Tommy Tausis once again joined the group, replacing Lasse Öhberg behind the drums.

Bo Winberg lead guitar
Bob Lander vocals and rhythm guitar
Ove Lindell vocals and solo / rhythm guitar
Arne Österlindh pedal steel guitar
Björn Thelin bass
Tommy Tausis drums

On September 4 there is the great show at restaurant Trägårn in Gothenburg, along with the Swedish pop group The Hep Stars with Svenne & Lotta.
Previously they had once again visit in Karlsborg on August 30.
Bo Winberg is interviewed in the Swedish TV program “Svar direk” (Direct answer).



The Spotnicks performs again in Karlsborg, on August 2.
Together with Arne Österlindh and Nils Nordin (on drums) Bo Winberg records LP The Spotnicks In Time which among others includes the song Theme From Simon And Simon (the detective series) which involved a female saxophone soloist named Elisabeth (?) This song, I have personally asked Bo Winberg to record...
Bo Winberg lead guitar
Arne Österlindh pedal steel guitar
Nils Nordin drums


The very first the CD with The Spotnicks is released in Germany; it is the album Highway Boogie, from 1985, along with five bonus tracks from The Spotnicks In Time.







The Spotnicks made a number of gigs around Sweden.
On July 3 Karlsborg was honored again.
The Spotnicks also get a longer engagement in the autumn on the passenger boat plying the route between Gothenburg and Kiel.
Bo Winberg lead guitar
Ove Lindell solo / rhythm guitar and vocals
Arne Österlindh pedal steel guitar
Alf Brink bass
Mats Bengtsson drums

Bo Winberg recorded materials on order for the German market with, among others, Lars "Lim" Moberg. The recordings were made ​​at Studio Bohus in Kungälv.
Of 39 recorded songs will 34 st on the German CD later this year. Another 4 songs comes out other compilations following year.
The 39th is Så Skimrande Var Aldrig Havet - Everlasting Brightness it is named in English – is published many years later.
The song selections, arrangements and the musical quality is rather heavily criticized by several faithful Spotnicks fans.





Bo Winberg lead guitar

Lars "Lim" Moberg lead- & rhythm guitar
Arne Österlindh pedal steel guitar
Charles Falk keybord
Jan Guner bass

Måns Abrahamsson drums



Now, Bob Lander returns back to The Spotnicks.

Bo Winberg lead guitar
Bob Lander rhythm guitar and vocals
Ove Lindell solo / rhythm guitar and vocals
Arne Österlindh pedal steel guitar
Alf Brink bass
Mats Bengtsson drums

In April, The Spotnicks have a two-day engagement at a motor show in Jönköping and I organized a fan club meeting together with the whole group.
Bo Winberg was in a very good mood and we get to hear some good stories about The Spotnicks.


The group tours extensively this year and visiting among others Hungary for the first time in its career.
Immediately after their return, The Spotnicks, on August 26, are back in Karlsborg (for the umpteenth time ..?).
To this event even Roland Ferneborg showed up and it was extra fun to sit and hear him, Bob and Bo talk about old Spotnicks Memories.
Roland Ferneborg, Bob Lander, Bo Winberg and Arne Österlindh


The Spotnicks plays on a live broadcasted radio show called Lunch Music from Örebro on December 20.

Among the releases is this year you may notice a "new" edition by The Spotnicks Live In Berlin -74 containing alternate takes to those found on the original release.

On October 1, the The Spotnicks Swedish fan-club arranged a real celebration of Hindås Hotels near Gothenburg gathering about 300 fans to a double bill with the appearance on the stage of The Spotnicks.


In an open letter, published in fanklubbtidningen Spotnews, Bo Winberg dissociate himself from the Bohus-production and explains why it was as it become to be...

With the help of a large number of invited guest musicians produced the new album The Spotnicks Unlimited , a very diverse and inspired album.
Bo Winberg lead guitar
Bob Lander rhythm guitar and vocals
Ove Lindell lead / rhythm guitar and vocals
Bengt "Bengan" Blomgren guitar
Ulf Wakenius guitar
Peter Wiberg keyboards
Bernt Andersson keyboards
Lars Andreasson keyboards
Sven-Erik Dahlberg keyboards
Arne Österlindh pedal steel guitar
Peps Persson harmonica
Solomon Helperin trumpets
Eric Norstrom saxophone
Alf Brink bass
Thomas Fanto bass
Nicke Power sass
Mats Bengtsson drums
Lasse Öhberg drums
Kent Helgesson drums
Tomas Olsson drums



It is still great interest in The Spotnicks and the demand for them continues, both in Sweden and in Denmark and Germany.
The group made a short tour in Denmark in February for TV recordings and other gigs.
Bo Winberg lead guitar
Bob Lander rhythm guitar and vocals
Ove Lindell solo / rhythm guitar and vocals
Arne Österlindh pedal steel guitar
Alf Brink bass
Mats Bengtsson drums
The album The Spotnicks Unlimited is out on the market. Bo Winberg and Bob Lander get the chance to promote the album on various radio programs.






Gary Moore meets Bo Winberg and he receives a signed copy of the new album. Gary is a huge fan of Bo Winberg and his guitar playing style.
Gary Moore and Bo Winberg


Another great event this year was of course the celebration of Bo Winberg's 50th birthday.
I have the pleasure to participate in this unprecedented celebration on March 27 at the restaurant Gamle Port in Gothenburg.
Faced with this anniversary, I have made a request to Liseberg for a Spotnicks Concert at the main stage and in connection therewith a hand cast from Bo Winberg be placed in the park.
The latter is realized is largely Bo Maniette’s merit but I still takes me some credit... Representatives from Liseberg presents this gift during courtship.

In Sweden, The Spotnicks are the main attraction on the live TV show “Svenska nöjen” (Swedish entertainment) from Norrköping on April 9.
The studio audience was composed exclusively of invited fan club members and their families.
On April 15 The Spotnicks are guest artists during a dance gala in Jönköping and perform before a very large audience.
Bo Winberg lead guitar
Bob Lander rhythm guitar and vocals
Ove Lindell solo / rhythm guitar and vocals
Arne Österlindh pedal steel guitar
Thomas Fanto bass
Mats Bengtsson drums


On August 19 they shall come again to Karlsborg and on September 16 they made the promised stage show at Liseberg main stage!
SweDisk starts to release CD versions of previously released LP albums. At The Spotnicks In London are the four previous unreleased songs from 1962.








In the end of April it is time for the traditional tour to Germany again and then follows a number of gigs in Sweden.
Bo Winberg lead guitar
Bob Lander rhythm guitar and vocals
Ove Lindell solo / rhythm guitar and vocals
Arne Österlindh pedal steel guitar
Alf Brink bass
Mats Bengtsson drums


Bo Winberg records a signature tune for a Swedish soap series Destination Nordsjön (Destination North Sea) shown on channel TV4.
The song is published in two versions on the single.



Bo Winberg sologitarr
Tim Norell keyboard
keyboard Anders Hansson
Mats Lindberg A bas
+ trummaskiner

On March 30 the first drummer in The Spotnicks – Ove Johansson – becomes 50.
There is not much more to tell about The Spotnicks this year.



The Spotnicks are participating in a large rock gala at the Globe Arena in Stockholm and also makes a number of other gigs in Sweden and Germany.
Stefan Ericsson has now taken over the place after Alf Brink as bassist and also complements Bob with the vocals.

Bo Winberg lead guitar
Bob Lander vocals and rhythm guitar
Ove Lindell solo / rhythm guitar and vocals
Arne Österlindh pedal steel guitar
Stefan Ericsson vocals and bass
Mats Bengtsson drums

An odd song with The Spotnicks is out this year at the Star-Club Records Christmas album. It is Tomten Kommer Snart (Santa Claus is coming soon) which was recorded in 1989 and where Bob Landers daughter with a friend form a children's choir.



Bob Lander is celebrating his 50th birthday on March 11 and Björn Thelin his on June 27.
After a few gigs in Sweden and Germany Bo Winberg splits up group again, but not for good as it will show.
The last gig took place in Degerfors on June 10.

Fairly quickly the other members decided to continue work together and acquire the name Papa Ó.
Papa Ó

Already this year Bo Winberg records backgrounds in the Music Mill studio in Kumla for four new songs; AA, My Old Kentucky Home, Red Sails In The Sunset and Bye Bye Love which he later brings to California to let Albert Lee (!) make his guitar overdubs.
On the latter says "Shirley" for background vocal.
Bo Winberg lead guitar
Albert Lee guitar solo
Kenth Larsson pedal steel guitar
+ drum machines

In Kumla is also Stardust recorded.
Bo Winberg lead guitar
Jonas Molbeck guitar and bass
+ drum machines

At the same time is Summertime produced in Bob Lander’s studio Tal & Ton in Gothenburg together with musicians from "Tottas."
Bo Winberg lead guitar
Bengt "Bengan" Blomgren guitar
Peter Wiberg keyboard
Bernt Andersson Keyboards
Frank Patrini saxophone
Nicke Power Bass
Johan Norgren drums


Before Bo will be able to complete a new album with this material must first live up to his contract for an album on RCA / BMG which will include 12 new songs plus a remixes version of Destination Nordsjön from 1990, or Helicopter as it is named now.
Bo Winberg lead guitar
Erik Bärnholm guitar
Ulf Wahlborg keyboard
+ drum machines

After several failed attempts must record company engage Peter Wiberg for the final album mix before Bo Winberg think this is acceptable.
At this time many reissues of The Spotnicks songs on CDs, mainly from Japan and Germany, but also from Swedish SweDisk and collectors you have to open your wallet and keep up.























The album The Spotnicks / Bo Winberg # 1 is released and for the first time in many years ranks The Spotnicks on the Swedish charts with a song from this album; in April the song Kissing In The Moonlight was voted into place #10 which calls some attention.




In May the world's biggest Spotnicks fan Karl-Gustaf "Sparre" Welin becomes 50.
Bo Winberg has decided that for health reasons to move to warmer climes and on June 11 he and wife Lenah went to Fuengirola in Spain to settle there.


Before the move takes place he makes a farewell concert on April 2 at Valand in Gothenburg followed by another gig at a pub in Gothenburg on May 28.
The very last appearance before departure, however, took place way up in Jämtland on June 5.
Bo Winberg lead guitar
Juri Wiik vocals and solo / rhythm guitar
Glenn Fernblad Keyboards
Magnus Rosén base
Dennis Nybratt drums

Before the move Bo Winberg gets rid of, among others, his Les Paul guitar and also offered a number of tapes with various interesting recordings for sale.
On the CD 60-talspop Från Göteborg, Reino Andersson (President of the Swedish fan club) has put a recording of Crazy ' Bout My Baby from 1969, which is one of the findings on these tapes, on his own record company Carelia Records .




In October Bob Lander and Björn Thelin performs together in Förslöv in Skåne. It is these two that at the time before The Blue Caps, The Frazer and The Spotnicks formed duo The Rebels and now, almost 40 years later, it was time for a " reunion " if only for this evening.
Papa Ó publishes a cassette tape with 14 songs which shows that there is a Spotnicks tradition in this orchestra.



During the year does not happen so much on Spotnicks-front except that several newly pressed the CD are released, mainly in Japan. Here you could find previously non-released studio versions of Hernandos Hideway and Jessica from 1975 as well as the Swedish version of Gentle On My Mind from 1968.














Papa Ó continues to play both in Sweden and in Germany and during the winter they produced a CD for the German market; Back In Space which also includes songs recorded by The Viking Truckers in 1984-86.



The two former members Peter Winsnes and Magnus Hell
sberg celebrates their 50th birthdays this year and Roland Ferneborg becomes 70.
In December Bo Winberg go to Stockholm to record the remaining songs to complete the previously recorded material to the new the CD.
Bo Winberg lead guitar
Lasse Wellander solo / rhythm guitar
Hasse Rosén solo / rhythm guitar
Peter Ljung keyboard
Jesper Lindberg pedal steel guitar
Rutger Gunnarsson bass
Lasse Persson drums
Johan Norgren drums



The CD Tracks is released in Sweden and Bo Winberg is home in Sweden to promote the disc. Here are 14 pieces of songs including 6 pieces recorded in 1992 with Albert Lee among others.
The other song was recorded in December 1994.




Papa Ó keeps going on in true Spotnicks spirit and make for example two tours in Germany, one in spring and one in autumn.
Their German CD is remixed and shortened before it is published on the Swedish market.
They are also engaged by Mitsubishi Motors to record a promotional CD that is used in the marketing of the new car model Carisma.





From Spain is announced that Bo Winberg has started constructing his own exclusive guitar amplifier according to the old recipe.



On March 22 Bo Winberg is invited as guest of honour to The Cue Club's 30th anniversary held at the restaurant Rondo in Gothenburg.
Along with a great many other Gothenburg Musicians from the 60s he plays in front of a crowded audience.

The Cue Club no longer exists but at one occasion in 1967 Bo Winberg played along with Jimi Hendrix (!) on this venerable rock club in Gothenburg.
During his visit in Sweden Bo Winberg launches his hand-built amplifiers on the market.
Papa Ó make another tour in Germany .



In January Bo Winberg goes from Spain to Stockholm to record a new album.
He does this with essentially the same musicians that appeared on last the CD led by Lennart Sjöholm.
Bo Winberg lead guitar
Lasse Wellander solo / rhythm guitar
Hasse Rosén solo / rhythm guitar
Lennart Sjöholm keyboard
Jesper Lindberg pedal steel guitar
Rutger Gunnarsson base
Johan Norgren drums

In May the CD The Spotnicks 1997 was released in Sweden and there are plans to publish it also in Japan , Germany, Austria, Switzerland, England, France and Spain .
The contents are remakes of 15 numbers of "oldies" and it has basically retained the original arrangements.
The album is complemented by a fresh remake of Highway Boogie which in original came in 1985.




The Spotnicks performs in Moers in Germany on May 31 and alongside Bo Winberg this time are the "old" members Bob Lander and Stefan Ericsson and two new musicians Ralph Nilsson and Björn Fryklund.
Bo Winberg lead guitar
Bob Lander rhythm guitar and vocals
Stefan Ericsson bass and vocals
Ralph Nilsson guitar
Björn Fryklund drums

Bo Winberg does during summer also two highly acclaimed performances in Sweden. First time as a guest artist with The Apaches, with among others Juri Wiik, at Björlanda Kil on June 27.
Bob Lander also turns up on this occation.

The second time is Bo Winberg playing along with the orchestra Hot'n Tots, with among others Lasse Wellander, in the town Lysekil.



On January 15 to 17 three gigs are organized with The Spotnicks at Jazzhuset in Gothenburg.


Bo Winberg lead guitar
Bob Lander rhythm guitar and vocals
Stefan Ericsson  bass and vocals
Ralph Nilsson guitar
Björn Fryklund drums

On January 30, they perform in Herrljunga and the next day in Sävsjö together with the Hep Stars - a nostalgia evening like the one held in Gothenburg in September 1985.
In March, it's off again to Germany and Austria for a short tour.

In three days - on 29 - 31 May - The Spotnicks is celebrating its 40th anniversary ( ! ) in Gothenburg.
At Liseberg main stage is held a stage show along with the Hep Stars (with Svenne & Lotta) in front of up to 10,000 spectators and a experienced, original cast of The Spotnicks is reunited after 35 years!


Bo Winberg lead guitar
Bob Lander rhythm guitar and vocals
Stefan Ericsson bass and vocals
Ralph Nilsson guitar
Björn Fryklund drums

Bo Winberg lead guitar
Bob Lander rhythm guitar and vocals
Björn Thelin bass
Ove Johansson drums

The Swedish Fan Club is celebrating the 40th anniversary at Jazzhuset along with The Spotnicks and a large number of former members and other guest musicians.

Björn Thelin bass
Ove Johansson drums
Derek Skinner drums
Peter Wiberg Keyboards

Most time on stage this evening is, of course, the latest edition of The Spotnicks.

In October The Spotnicks makes a tour to Japan (!)


In december The Spotnicks performs for four nights in a row in Malmö.



In the spring The Spotnicks makes dual shows at Nalen in Stockholm. Original members Björn Thelin and Ove Johansson are back again for a nostalgic retrospective of Swedish pop history.

In the 60's The Spotnicks hits the attendance record at Nalen and now even more came to see and hear their idols.
Bo Winberg lead guitar
Bob Lander rhythm guitar and vocals
Björn Thelin bass
Ove Johansson drums

Ove Johansson publish a booklet which he calls "The first years" in which he frank write about his career but also other very personal experience.
Bo Winberg become 60 on March 27!
On May 21 a video is recorded at Jössefors Folkets Hus in Arvika where both the orchestral sets are involved.
The concert is broadcast on Swedish Radio in July and later a live album comes out from the event.
On the CD there are also two new studio recordings; Fernando and Country Boy.

During the year a CD single are published for the benefit of refugees from Kosovo.
It was recorded in Spain and contains the first version of The Other Side Of The Moon, which later (2002) was remaked.
The single was issued at the label Riverside Records (Owe Midner) where a number of compilation albums were published during the year, including a double CD with 53 songs; EP collection.




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The Spotnicks took part in a TV program about "the Swedish pop industry."
They also performed at the Shadows Festival in Oslo and participated at the Stockholm Water Festival.
Shortly before their equipment was stolen from their tour bus; three amplifiers, a guitar (Bob’s), echo, costumes and others (!)

The Spotnicks does the last appearance before the millennium at the classical night club Amiralen in Malmö on November 27.
This time along with Douglas Möller which later became a regular guitarist in The Spotnicks for many years.
Bo Winberg lead guitar
Bob Lander rhythm guitar and vocals
Stefan Ericsson  bass and vocals
Ralph Nilsson guitar
Douglas Moller guitar
Björn Fryklund drums

The 21th Century



It was probably not many who thought The Spotnicks would "survive" the millennium. But it turns out that the group's success in the 90s persist long into the twentifirst century.

In April a meeting with Bo Winberg and Hank Marvin is arranged at the Radio House in Gothenburg for an interview. That's when 35 years ago The Spotnicks and The Shadows jammed together in Bo Winberg's home and the police had to come and calm down event.
Bo Winberg and Hank Marvin 2000

Already in 1963 the groups had converged in any context.


Bo Winberg and Hank Marvin 1965


Bob Lander and Bruce Welch 1965


The Spotnicks night The Shadows 1963



Magic Records of France renders out lots of old French The EP and LP on CD with some unique tracks. There is such some alternative recordings that are missing in most collections. It also publishes a live recording from 1999 with some bonus tracks, including a studio recording of Jambalaya.













The group will start a tour that is called "The Lunar 2000 Tour" with numerous gigs in Sweden and Germany.

ommy Tausis - probably one of the most respected drummers of all time - makes a welcome but brief comeback in The Spotnicks and is partly on a small tour to Germany.
Bo Winberg lead guitar
Bob Lander rhythm guitar and vocals
Stefan Ericsson bass and vocals
Ralph Nilsson guitar
Tommy Tausis drums

As Ove Johansson last year, Björn Thelin publish a small booklet with his memories from the very beginning, "Then it was…".
Reissues on CD of previous LP albums are spread and quickly makes vinyl player expendable.





The Spotnicks carry out this year a number of gigs in Germany, Holland, Belgium and Sweden.

The tour plan looked like this:
June 2                  Krefelt, Germany
June 3                  Dortmund, Germany
June 9                  Västerås, Sweden
July 15                 Skövde, Sweden
August 8             Uppsala, Sweden
August 10           Gävle, Sweden
August 11           Västerås, Sweden
August 17           Gothenburg, Sweden
September 1      Tranås, Sweden
October 3           Gothenburg, Sweden
October 4           Jönköping, Sweden
October 5           Karlstad, Sweden
October 19         Maastricht, Netherlands
October 20         Midwoud, Holland
October 21         Oostende, Belgium
October 26         Uddevalla, Sweden
October 27         Simrishamn, Sweden

To Germany Tommy Tausis once again is participating.
Tommy Tausis in Biebricher Saal, Krefelder Rennbahn.


The Spotnicks in Dortmund:
Bo Winberg lead guitar
Bob Lander rhythm guitar and vocals
Stefan Ericsson bass and vocals
Ralph Nilsson guitar
Tommy Tausis drums









In August this year The Spotnicks perform on the main stage at the Kings Square during the Gothenburg Festival.
For this evening, the group has increased to a 7-piece band with four guitarists, two drummers and one bass player.

The Spotnicks in Gothenburg:
Bo Winberg lead guitar
Bob Lander rhythm guitar and vocals
Stefan Ericsson bass and vocals
Ralph Nilsson guitar
Douglas Moller guitar
Fredrik Oscarsson drums
Stephan Möller drums

In Lerum organized "The Spotnicks Festival" for the first time and it is obvious who the main attraction of the evening.
After Lerum May 11 the continuation of the plan looks like this:
May 31               Getskär
June 2                  Gothenburg
June 15               Falun
July 6                   Mariestad
July 12                 Karlskrona
July 21                 Skovde
July 25                 Mölndal
July 26                 Simrishamn
July 27                 Malmköping
August 3             Ornskoldsvik
August 9             Gothenburg
Sept 14               Vara
October 4           Stockholm

A newly produced CD named The Other Side (Of The Moon) is issued by Bo Winberg’s and Bob Lander’s joint record company WISTA & Spotnicks Records.
The album contains some vocals in Swedish. Bo Winberg sings - which are not commonplace - two of the songs; Det Var Länge Sen Jag Plocka Några Blommor (It was a long time I was picking some flowers) and Gitarren I Himlen (The guitar in the sky).

Magic Records gives the year an amount of CDs with early recordings and Solna Records has gathered Back In The Race and Something Like Country on one CD.























In March The Spotnicks returns to London Palladium and do where their first gig in England since 1963.
Spotnicks in London:
Bo Winberg lead guitar
Bob Lander rhythm guitar and vocals
Stefan Ericsson bass and vocals
Ralph Nilsson guitar
Fredrik Oscarsson drums

Another new CD is published, this time with remakes of "old" hits. It is named Back To The Roots and contains also three so-called "backing tracks" for prospective guitarists to play along with.
Magic Records are loading more reissues on CD.















Bo Winberg gets the chance to meet his idol Les Paul who performs on Mondays in New York at a small club called Iridium Jazz Club in Manhattan, New York.
Les Paul and Bo Winberg in New York

The Spotnicks takes part also this year at the Gothenburg Festival and now is Ralph Nilsson replaced by Douglas Möller on guitar and they also carries out a number of gigs in Germany.
Spotnicks in Gothenburg:
Bo Winberg lead guitar
Bob Lander rhythm guitar and vocals
Stefan Ericsson  bass and vocals
Douglas Moller guitar
Fredrik Oscarsson  drums

In October they play two songs - Last Date and Ghostriders In The Sky – in a morning show at channel TV4 when also draws attention to "The Book of Spotnicks", written by Lars Åkerström and Michael Forslund.
The Book about The Spotnicks

A concert in Katrineholm was recorded on 28 August by Swedish Radio and broadcasted in the program "P4 Live".

Ove Midner re-publishes a CD with two classic albums; The Spotnicks In The Groove and The Spotnicks By Request on his label Solna Records.





The touring continues with gigs in Dortmund in Germany, on the Finnish boat Cinderella, at Tyrol and Gloobe Annex in Stockholm and in places like Nässjö etc.






The Spotnicks at Globen Annexet:
Bo Winberg lead guitar
Bob Lander rhythm guitar and vocals
Stefan Ericsson bass and vocals
Douglas Moller guitar
Fredrik Oscarsson  drums

During the spring The Spotnicks performed at the Spotnicks Festival in Lerum.






On March 25, The Spotnicks is participating at a rock gala in Kaatsheuvel in Netherlands along with Bill Haley and His Comets Revival, The Clarks, Chris Watson and The Shakin' Arrows.
In total, the group makes about 25 gigs during 2006 of which two was held in Stockholm’s and Gothenburg’s concert Halls.

Also this year the group was several times playing on the passenger steamer Cinderella (Finland – Sweden) and made many other gigs around Sweden.
In September The Spotnicks participate in a big rock gala in Dombasle-sur-Meurthe (Nancy) in France.
Bo Winberg lead guitar
Bob Lander rhythm guitar and vocals
Stefan Ericsson  bass and vocals
Douglas Moller guitar
Fredrik Oscarsson  drums

The Spotnicks was invited to the “fair premises” when they for the very first time performed in a church.
On 24 november they made two Advent concerts in Hällestad church outside the town of Finspång in Sweden.

Stephan Möller is this time temporarily back behind the drums.
Bo Winberg lead guitar
Bob Lander rhythm guitar and vocals
Stefan Ericsson bass and vocals
Douglas Moller guitar
Stephan Möller drums

Here is the well-filled tour schedule:
January 28         Sävsjö, Sweden
March 16            Cinderella, Viking Line
March 19            Concert Hall, Stockholm, Sweden
March 22            Concert Hall, Gothenburg, Sweden
March 25            Kaatsheuvel, Netherlands
April 8                 Ronneby, Sweden
April 20               Cinderella, Viking Line
May 5                  Gothenburg, Sweden
May 13               The Spotnicks Festival, Lerum, Sweden
May 20               Stenungsund, Sweden
June 5                  Svedala, Sweden
June 20               Gothenburg, Sweden
July 5 to 6           Varberg, Sweden
July 14                 Sköde, Sweden
July 21                 Malung, Sweden
July 27                 Mölndal, Sweden
August 26           Gothenburg, Sweden
Sept 21               Cinderella, Viking Line
Sept 22                Jönköping, Sweden
Sept 30               Dombasle-sur-Meurthe, France
October 7           Degerfors, Sweden
October 13         Gothenburg, Sweden
October 27         Västerås, Sweden
Nov 24                Hällestad church, Sweden
December 9       Kisa, Sweden

During a few days in August they recorded a new album at Tal & Tons studios in Gothenburg.
Bo Winberg lead guitar
Bob Lander rhythm guitar and vocals
Stefan Ericsson  bass and vocals
Douglas Moller guitar
Fredrik Oscarsson  drums

The album is named Still On Tour.





The Spotnicks is relentlessly touring on during most of the year and make more than 30 shows but now only within the borders of Sweden.

Another church concert is held, this time in Seljansborgs church in Sandviken in the middle part of Sweden.


This year's tour schedule:
February 5          Lerum
February 16       Grevie
March 9              Karlstad
March 10            Norrkoping
March 11            Gävle
March 24            Solna
March 30            Gothenburg
April 18               Uddevalla
April 19               Cinderella, Viking Line
April 21               Katrineholm
April 27               Lidköping
May 19               The Spotnicks Festival, Lerum
June 1                  Gothenburg
June 2                  Smedjebacken
July 4 to 5           Varberg
July 7                   Hestra
July 13                 Ransäte
july 28                 Uddevalla
July 30                 Rättvik
August 16           Mölndal
August 18           Björkvik
August 25           Magra
September 1      Taberg, Jönköping
September 6      Silja Line
September 8      Tidan
October 19         Gothenburg
October 26         Solna
October 27         Seljansborgs Church
November 3       Gothenburg
November 10     Uppala
November 23     Stenungsund

Solna Records (Owe Midner ) publish a compilation album with only vocals which includes some previously unpublished recordings and also a new song - Lonely Woman - originally a demo which was sent in to run for the Eurovision Song Contest this year.



Magic Records continues their re-releases.







Unlike last year The Spotnicks repeatedly is playing on foreign scenes. Visiting Germany, Norway and Denmark, and participates in two major galas in France.
Several of the domestic concerts arranged by Hans Edler and performed together with other groups. In late March six such concerts are done in as many days in sold-out concert halls around the country.
Bo Winberg lead guitar
Bob Lander rhythm guitar and vocals
Stefan Ericsson bass and vocals
Douglas Moller guitar
Fredrik Oscarsson drums

In Germany, two CD albums are out on the market.
One is Still On Tour but under another name. The second, which is a double album, has the honorable name of  Guitar Heroes - The Spotnicks And Other Heroes where one of the CD also is Still On Tour and the other contains songs including Les Paul and Chet Atkins.




In October announces Bo Winberg that
The Spotnicks will change the crew which means that Fredrik Oscarsson, Douglas Moller and Stefan Ericsson resigns and are replaced by Stephan Möller, Kenth Brännlund and Göran Sanfridsson. Their first appearance takes place in Uddevalla in mid November when also Peter Winsnes participates. He has been "guest artist" during some of the group’s appearances during the year.
Bo Winberg lead guitar
Bob Lander rhythm guitar and vocals
Peter Winsnes keyboard and vocals
Kent Brännlund guitar
Göran Sanfridsson bass
Stephan Möller drums

The Spotnicks is playing for the second time in Hällestad packed church for Advent and again complements Peter Winsnes group.
This is the very last gigs with the "old" set. 
Bo Winberg lead guitar
Bob Lander rhythm guitar and vocals
Peter Winsnes keyboard and vocals
Stefan Ericsson bass and vocals
Douglas Moller guitar
Stephan Möller drums

The “new” Spotnicks get an exclusive invite to the big rock gala in Antwerp, Belgium. According to Bo Winberg, this is one of the coolest gigs he has been through. The stadium was filled with 14,000 people in the audience. The Spotnicks played Johnny Guitar, Ghostriders In The Sky and Orange Blossom Special.
Other participating bands were Mungo Jerry, Chris Montez, Billy Joe Royal, Dave Berry, Gerry & The Pacemakers, Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick &  Tich , The Troggs and The Hollies. 
Bo Winberg lead guitar
Bob Lander rhythm guitar and vocals
Kent Brännlund guitar
Göran Sanfridsson bass
Stephan Möller drums


The complete game schedule in 2008:
January 12 to 13                            Dortmund, Germany
January 18 to 19                            Bodö, Norway
February 2                                       Borgholm, Sweden
8 to 9 February                               Vara, Sweden
March 1                                           Gislaved, Sweden
March 7                                           Gothenburg, Sweden
March 26                                         Gävle, Sweden
March 27                                         Västerås, Sweden
March 28                                         Norrköping, Sweden
March 29                                         Jönköping, Sweden
March 30                                         Malmö, Sweden
March 31                                         Gothenburg, Sweden
April 3                                              Trollhättan, Sweden
April 5                                              Ronneby, Sweden
May 9                                               Falkenberg , Sweden
May 10                                            Skövde, Sweden
May 24                                            The Spotnicks Festival, Lerum, Sweden
June 28                                            Ronneby, Sweden
July 17                                              Orust, Sweden
July 23                                              Fjärås, Sweden
July 31                                              Mölndal, Sweden
August 4                                          Gothenburg, Sweden
August 16                                        Calais, France
August 23                                        Kumla, Sweden
August 30                                        Karlskrona, Sweden
October 4                                        Nancy, France
October 31                                      Ikast, Denmark
November 19                                  Uddevalla, Sweden
November 29                                  Hällestad church, Sweden
December 13                                  Antwerp, Belgium



On March 27 Bo Winberg becomes 70 (!) and he celebrates his birthday abroad.
Bob become 67 years on March 11.


Bo Winberg makes his own selection on a CD from Ove Midner’s Riverside Records - Bo Winberg - My Own Favourites.





The new gang, which according to Bo Winberg is the best in many years, has many bookings throughout the year.

Bo Winberg lead guitar
Bob Lander rhythm guitar and vocals
Kent Brännlund guitar
Göran Sanfridsson bass
Stephan Möller drums

Tour plan is quite extensive this year too:
April 10                                            Gislaved, Sweden
May 15                                            Fredensborg, Denmark
May 23                                            The Spotnicks Festival, Lerum, Sweden
June 6                                               Laholm, Sweden
June 26                                            Nävekvarn, Sweden
June 27                                            Nykvarn, Sweden
July 4                                                Munkedal, Sweden
July 8                                                Varberg, Sweden
July 11                                              Tyding, Sweden
July 30                                              Mölndal, Sweden
August 29                                        Bjuv, Sweden
September 18                                 Ikast, Denmark
October 3                                        Nynäshamn, Sweden
October 13 to 14                            Viking Line Cinderella
October 24                                      Mellerud, Sweden
November 4                                    Uddevalla, Sweden
November 5                                    Skövde, Sweden
December 10                                  Vara, Sweden
December 28                                  Nässjö Church, Sweden



This year they have chosen to cut back the number of performances and make only a few gigs around Sweden.

June 19               Alingsås
July 7                   Varberg
July 28                 Mölndal
August 27           Stockholm
August 28           Bollnäs
September 4      Jönköping
December 10     Kungälv


In January-February they rehearse and records the songs for the new the CD The 'Real' Amapola.

Rehearsal room in Jönköping

Recording studio in Gothenburg




The Spotnicks performs at the TV program "Bingo Lotto" where they play The 'Real' Amapola and Ghostriders In The Sky.

TV-studio for “Bingo-Lotto”

During the year they show up in places like Jönköping, Varberg, Grebbestad, Nässjö and Säffle, among others.
They also participate on October 25 at the inauguration of a new roundabout at Rymdtorget (the Space square) in the Gothenburg suburb Bergjön.
Illuminated spaceship in the roundabout in Bergsjön



On January 28 The Spotnicks is participating in a grand gala in Duisburg, Germany, and makes an improvised number together with Brian 'Licorice' Locking, who is a former member of The Shadows.


On March 11, Bob Lander becomes 70 years.

This year starts "The Final Tour" concerts in front of a seated audience in packed theater salons across southern Sweden.

It starts in the town Borås and continues in Jönköping, Kungälv, Vara, Hässleholm, Växjö, Ystad and Gothenburg to end up the year in Uddevalla.

Spotnicks in Uddevalla

In Malmköping the former drummer Derek Skinner (1963-1965) meets with The Spotnicks of today.
Derek Skinner, Stephan Möller, Bo Winberg, Kent Brännlund, Bob Lander and Goran Sanfridsson



In February The Spotnicks performs at Alando -Palais in Osnabruck in Germany.

The Spotnicks at Alando-Palais in Osnabrück

"The Final Tour" continues in Köping, Karlstad and Kalmar.

In addition The Spotnicks participate in a guitar gala in Sastamala in Finland.


In August The Spotnicks is awarded Gothenburg's Cultural Prize for 2013 and honored to have a tram named after the group.
Bob Lander and Bo Winberg in front of "their" tram in Gothenburg


In February this year The Spotnicks returns to Bakkehuset in Ikast, Denmark, where they have performed many times over the years.
The Spotnicks in Ikast, Denmark

"The Final Tour" comes this year up in Karlstad, Varberg and several other places.


In February The Spotnicks makes a gig on the island Gotland where they also will return back to in September.
Later in the spring the share the scene at the Fritz-Henssler-Haus in Dortmund with Albert Lee and together they play an improvised Guitar Boogie.
The Spotnicks and Albert Lee in Dortmund

The Spotnicks makes in June two very successful performances at rock festivals in Finland, one in Tampere and the other in Nastola.
Bob Lander and Bo Winberg in Nastola, Finland

In autumn 2015 a major exhibition opens at the Gothenburg City Museum which tells the story of popular music life in Gothenburg from the 50th century until today.
The exhibition presents both individuals and groups which had great importance for the music scene in Gothenburg. It is a story about the city's sites and actors who made ​​it possible for Gothenburg to be the live music city it is.
Here are the listener, musician, arranger, scenes and stadiums presented. You meet them in pictures, stories, films, objects and music, including some material that has not been published before.
The Spotnicks is obviously an important part of the exhibition.

From Toronto in Canada is a TV program called Rockinitis recurrent broadcasted.
In December's program, led by Michael Willmore and Rob Frith, was dedicated to The Spotnicks and can be seen on YouTube.
Michael Willmore and Rob Frith


The Spotnicks are busy making several gigs around Sweden and Man medverkade också på den återkommande Nordic Guitar Festival i Lerum i maj.also took part at the recurring Nordic Guitar Festival in May.

Bo Winberg had suffered from pneumonia and was refused to participate at a performance in April in the northern part of Sweden after the doctor's advice so, on a short notice Ove Lindell became substitute this evening, which he did with honor.
Fortunately, Bo Winberg recovered fast and could already one week later play as the front man of The Spotnicks on the stage at the City Theatre in the town Falkenberg.

On February 24, The Spotnicks was attracted the attention at the live radio program "AROUND THE TIME SIXTIES TOWN" on Radiopopolare in Milan, Italy.
The program was led by Ezio Degradi which is an Italian legend in these contexts, and who himself gave out a lot of pop records during the 60’s.
In the program was played Save The Last Dance For Me which in The Spotnicks version was entitled Valentina in honor of the Soviet and the first female cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova.
The Spotnicks meets Valentina Tereshkova in Stockholm in 1966

Den 2 september spelade The Spotnicks på Bakkehuset i Ikast i Danmark i vad som kallades för deras avskedskonsert (vilket Bo Winberg dock dementerade).On September 2 The Spotnicks performed at  Bakkehuset in Ikast in Denmark in what was called their farewell concert (which Bo Winberg, however, denied).

Detta var den femte gången som man uppträdde där inför utsåld lokal.This was the fifth time they came to this place and had a sold-out venue as the times before (De tidigare speltillfällena var åren 2008, 2009, 2011 och 2014.in 2008, 2009, 2011 and 2014).


The Spotnicks i Ikast 2016The Spotnicks in Ikast 2016




Den 24 januari går Björn Thelin bort efter en tids sjukdom.On January 24 Björn Thelin dies after a time of illness. Björn var den ene av The Spotnicks fyra originalmedlemmar och dess bassist under det framgångsrika 60-talet och han sörjs förstås av alla fans.Björn was the one of The Spotnicks four original members and their bassist during the successful 60's and he is of course mourned by all the fans.



Björn Thelin 1942 – 2017. Foto © Michael Hansson Björn Thelin 1942 - 2017. Photo © Michael Hansson


En bit in på 2017 (februari) har The Spotnicks tillsvidare endast bokat upp sig för två spelningar;Just a few months later, on April 8, Ove Johansson died.


Ove, who recently turned 77 years, was The Spotnicks first drummer and played on the very earliest recordings with the group but he decided to quit already in the spring in 1963.
He returned to The Spotnicks when the group celebrated its 40th anniversary when the four original members performed songs such as Last Date, Johnny Guitar, Havah Nagila and Amapola together.
Ove was also President of The Spotnicks Swedish fan club as he began in 1996.

In a short time two of the The Spotnicks original members have passed away, Björn Thelin in January and Ove Johansson in April.
We mourn them both and remember their importance to the group’s success.


On August 29th, The Spotnicks performs at the amusement park Bakken in Klampenborg outside Copenhagen at an event called  “Tirsdags-Pigtråd (Tuesdays-Barbed wire) together with two Danish bands from the 60’s; Lollipops and The Dreamers.
On October 28th, they performed with "The Final Tour" at the Grand Theater in Ljungby and on November 10th and 17th in Hällestad’s church (for the third time) respectively in Grästorp’s Concert Hall.



The Spotnicks continues their tour at Millners in Tibro on March 3, Museiegården in Eksjö on July 10th and at the old Regiment area in Uddevalla on August 18th during the “Wild & Crazy” festival.
They have also participated in the "Nordic Guitar Event" at the Apple Hotel in Gothenburg on May 5th.


The last performanc this year was at Kungsbacka Theater on November 4th, where Radio Nostalgia held its “25th anniversary gala”.


The Spotnicks gave their very last concert on March 30 at Musikens Hus in Gothenburg.

Thus, a 60 year long, very successful and unique career has come to an end…




On January 3, Bo Winberg dies, who would turn 81 in March.



He is of course mourned by all fans and always will be missing.


On May 3, Bo "Bob Lander" Starander also dies and thus everyone in the original set of The Spotnicks has left us.

Bob turned 78 on March 11.


The Spotnicks music lives on forever…

Sören Alverfeldt